Wednesday, February 20, 2008

R.Kelly keeping it real!!! Must Watch..hahaha

Can't stop watching this......real talk

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Shimmy Shimmy Ya - Rocksteady Drew likes it raw remix!!!

Totally feeling this remix Toronto's Rocksteady Drew did, check out his site for his other tracks.
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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sumthin Betta'

After getting dizzy with the blog house/fidget/mash/bmore tracks that I've been addicted to (still love it) , I needed something to get down to. This track is certified soul.

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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Bassline Fury

The last few months I've really been getting into the bassline sound. This track I found on the Mad Decent Blog just this week, and it absolutely kicked the shit out of me.

Kasia - Over You (Dexplicit Remix)
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Friday, February 1, 2008

Feb Feature Mixtape -DJ Gaffle

I've been rocking this mix for the last year, the mixing is super tight and not annoying like a lot of mixtapes out there with mad air horns and juggles that go forever. Scratches are in the right place, and one of my favourite tracks of all time is on here "Amerikkka's Most Wanted" -ICE CUBE.

Gaffle Bio:

"DJ'ing for me started in college. While at Morehouse, the guys in college from up top (NY) had TTs in their dorm rooms and I would get on once in a while and try to scratch.

I eventually got my first turntable in '89 along with a mixer and learned the craft from my boys DJ Smal (Indianapolis) and DJ M3 (Bronx). They'd let me tag along at partys in the AU center and add in my pre-practiced 10-15 minute sets.

Early on, I was inspired mostly by video footage of Jazzy Jeff, with his exact clean-cut style, along with recordings of both him and Cash Money I had on tape. I kept collecting wax, got better conditioned 1200's, a nicer mixer and got more into learning body tricks and cutting techniques.

Around '91, I was exposed to DJ Aladdin which help me take my scratching to the next level. While still in college, I got down with an Atlanta chapter of The Zulu Nation and would spin periodically with those guys. I eventually got on college radio at Atlanta's GA. State WRAS 88.5 on a Saturday night Hip-Hop mix show called The Bomb (100k watts).

I would say, the biggest influence on my style came from a local radio jock named DJ Nabs (Kris Kross' former DJ). He had wickedly quick cuts, very creative concepts in mixing and wasn't too scratch happy. I hooked up with him (no homo) at his crib once and he showed me some flaws in my scratching technique (using too much cross-fader motion). When he scratched, he barely moved the fader and the record. He also kept the volume low enough to not let the scratch over take the other record playing. One of the best pieces of advice he gave was not to shoot your load when scratching or mixing. Ex: He'd do a 25-minute radio set with a constant build-up of energy and somewhere at the highest level, bust a nasty scratch or cut that would have you re-winding your cassette over and over again. Most other DJ's would haphazardly scratch everywhere making you numb to it. It's like bustin' a nutt too soon, then you're done...

I retired from DJ'ing in '97 to get into WAN/IT technology and came back out of retirement in late '05. I realize that I had missed DJ'ing a lot and I'm glad I made the return to the art I love..."


My Lovely Program (Intro) - Wattstax
Glaciers of Ice - Raekwon
Heartbeat - KRS One feat. Redman
How I Could Just Kill a Man - Cypress Hill
Looking at the Front Door - Main Source
Outta Here - Diamond D.
Scratch, Bring it Back - EPMD
Full Clip - Gang Starr
Oh My God - A Tribe Called Quest
Shook Ones Pt. II - Mobb Deep (Gaffle mix)
Closer - Goapole
KRS One Attacks - KRS One
Born to Roll - Masta Ace
Be Happy - Mary J. Blige
Area - De La Soul
I JuswannaChill - Large Professor
Runnin' - The Pharcyde
D. Original - Jeru the Damaja
Microphone Fiend - Eric B. & Rakim
Zulu War Chant - Afrika Bambattaa
Around the Way Girl - LL Cool J
E.V.A. - Jean J. Perry
Da' Rocwilder - Redman & Method
I Know you got Soul - Eric B. & Rakim
Ain't Nothing to It - K9 Posse
Ain't no Half Steppin' - Big Daddy Kane
Silence of the Lambs - Showbiz & AG feat. Kid Capri
Slam! - Onyx
Streets of the Ghetto - Ed O. G.
Puerto Rico - Frankie Cutlass
Gaffle Enemy (intro)
Amerikkka's Most Wanted - Ice Cube
Ease Back - Ultramagnetic MCs
Group Home (Can I Bus) - Group Home feat. Canibus
Jingling Baby - LL Cool J
Mystery of Chessboxin' - Wu-Tang
'96 WRAS 88.5 show live - (Grand Master Flash)

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