Tuesday, March 25, 2008

DJ Layz March Madness Mix

Figured it was time to put something together for the blog. Some tracks I've been listening to a lot lately, "Must be a Devil" from Diplo is absolute fire, just copped it off the Mad Decent blog. The last track got away from me , but I was feeling the mix and didnt' want to start again, obvs no edits here. But hey who gives a fuck the blog is called shoes in a dryer.

Oh ya that is me in the pic lushin it up!!!!


1. Falling Up (Carl Craig remix) - Theo Parrish
2. Don't you want - Tiga
3. Klaxons Mania - Peter Dragontail
4. Right Place, Wrong Time ( Medly Boogie Woogie remix) - DJ John vs DJ Medley
5. Work in the club - Nic Sarno
6. Untitled (Deadmau5 remix) - Jorgensen
7. Red Hot - Solid Groove, Sinden
8. Face (Switch remix) - The Black Ghosts
9. The Girlz and Boyz(Vandalism rmx) - Brad Hed
10. Walking down the street (Flamingo remix) - Ron Caroll
11. Must be a devil - Diplo
12. Lets push things forward (Hostage remix) - The Streets


Neoteric said...

feelin the mix homie! solid!

djfattony said...

hey man, sweet mix.. last 2 songs were getting away from ya a bit. that sucks when it happend at the last track .. :)

keep it up Peace

Dj Fat Tony

Ryan Thompson said...

ya drove me crazy but makes it authentic i guess..haha

Thanks for the review